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Our Mission

    To provide reliable, quality Music Therapy services to clients of all ages and diagnosis who demonstrate a goal-oriented need for Music Therapy. Using well researched techniques and evidence-based practices we strive to make a difference in all the lives we touch.



Our therapists address individualized goals in both gross and fine motor areas using all elements of music to facilitate and structure each intervention



Our clients often perceive music as an encouraging stimulus during their sessions, which enables our therapists to utilize that motivation in functional tasks to address goals



Music can be a gateway
to verbal output for many of our clients; as an engaging medium, it facilitates activity in the neurologic pathways that support speech and language areas of the brain


Our Services


Moved by Music provides one-to-one, in-home services to children and adults of all ages, diagnoses, needs, and abilities.  We provide the Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Fort Collins and Western Slope communities with high-quality therapists and services in order to ensure we are meeting the needs of each individual client. We also offer group setting services in several schools, skilled nursing facilities, day habilitation centers, and various clinics.

We are a qualified Program Approved Service Agency in Colorado providing music and movement therapy services to Medicaid recipients who are eligible for the HCBS-CES, HCBS-SLS and CHRP waivers; we also accept self-paying clients at a special rate. 

Our Services
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"We are very happy with our music therapist. She works in coordination/conjunction with our daughter's other therapists (OT, PT and speech) and incorporates goals from those areas into her sessions. She also reviews our daughter's IEP and incorporates school goals into her music-movement program. Our daughter really loves music and the opportunity to sing, play instruments, and create music."

-Carol, mother of Moved by Music client

"Moved by Music cares so much about each of our participants and making the music experience so inclusive and attentive to each individual's likes and needs. They are very kind and professional and are always willing to work around our schedules!"
-Braincare, LLC

"Moved By Music is my son's favorite Neuropositive therapy. As a sensory seeker and child who struggles with regulation, he absolutely loves music. The rhythms, the beats, dance, and most importantly his connection with his awesome therapist, Victor, provides his brain the perfect foundation for regulation. Through regulation, and with this strong connection, and much needed regulation, Lo's body and mind is ready to regulate, learn, move, play and grow.  We're so thankful for music therapy. We have seen the most progress through music,  than in any of his other therapies."
-Kristin, Mother of Moved by Music Client 

"Thank you for providing consistent, qualified and friendly therapists!"
Mother of Moved by Music Client

"This is one of my child's favorite therapies and I feel very lucky and blessed with this service." 
Caregiver of Moved by Music Client

"This program is very helpful for my child needs in every day life."
Father of Moved by Music Client

"Mi hijo esta muy contento y disfruta mucho de su terapia. Le ayuda con su condición de autismo."
-Madre de cliente de
 Moved by Music 

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